1. About the observance of laws and ordinances

Hyper Guitars observe Japanese laws and ordinances / model about the personal information protection determining about the privacy policy of the visitor.

2. Principle about the collection

Hyper Guitars determine the privacy policy rule of the visitor and, in addition, I try for the appropriate protection of the personal information and I plan substantiality while improving it about the handling appropriately and give up.

3. About a use purpose

Hyper Guitars, I use the personal information that had you offer it within the following purposes.

  1. I use the address information such as the full name of the visitor, an address, a phone number, the e-mail address for the shipment of the article to the visitor and request of the price. In addition, there are the cases using payment information such as the credit card number, bank account which had you appoint it in conjunction with request of the price.
  2. I use the information such as the full name of the visitor, an address, a phone number, the address information such as e-mail addresses, a kind and the amount of the article which had you order it, the charged amount I inform it of contents or the delivery method of the order, and to confirm it.
  3. I use the address information such as a used history and the full name of the visitor, an address, a phone number, the e-mail address to work as a guide of a campaign and an article / the service that Hyper Guitars perform.
  4. As a result of opinion and questionnaire sent by a visitor, I use use histories to improve service of Hyper Guitars.
  5. I use the address information such as the full name of the visitor, an address, a phone number, the e-mail address to do the demand from a visitor, an answer for the inquiry.
  6. There is a case to offer the information such as the full name of the visitor about the business that I judged when the use in an unjust purpose was done, an address, a kind and the amount of the article which had you order it, the charged amount to the third person to be related to to decline the use of the service in one ordering an article from with an unjust purpose.

4. About an offer to the third person

  1. Hyper Guitars do not do that I disclose the personal information that I am limited, and was registered without the sufficient reason again without the agreement of a person of entry, but disclose personal information to the third person (an article supplier, a delivery supplier, a mover, a setting adjustment supplier) when it seems to be follows.
    ・When I send out a purchase (a sales contract) article directly from a maker or a clien
    ・When a purchase article needs setting, adjustment, repair
  2. When I seem to be as follows, other than an above reason, there is a thing disclosing personal information.
    ・When Hyper Guitars judged that a person of entry gave a disadvantage to the third person. In this case I shall be able to notify the third person and police concerned or many facilities concerned of it.
    ・When it was demanded the personal information disclosure of the person of entry by a court of law, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the police, a lawyer’s association, consumer center or the organization having the authority that followed these.
    ・When I can identify the person himself besides the information that can distinguish an individual unexpectedly more, I shall not hit the third person offer of the personal information.
  3. When they offered personal information to us and the third person in the business relationship by the intention of a person of entry or an agreement, Hyper Guitars shall not take responsibility about the use of the personal information in the client.
  4. Hyper Guitars perform count / the analysis of the attribute of the personal information, and there is the thing that the use amounts for service development by hyper guitars or an offer / development of products and processes a machined thing not to be able to identify an individual.

5. About disclosure / correction / deletion

  1. About the data that the disclosure of the personal information is possible, I can demand disclosure / a correction / deletion only for the person himself. (I am charged a fee)
  2. I cope immediately in a rational range only when I can confirm that it is the person himself when there was a request of disclosure / a correction / the deletion of the personal information. (Please almost think with around 7th)
  3. Because I do a disposal facility (I work to dissolve) after having kept it for a certain period of time when it depends on a personal information mention thing, I do it if not intended for disclosure / a correction / the deletion for the document original.
  4. Please refer to directly each company for an inquiry to relate to personal information offered to the third person with intention and the consent of a person of entry.

6. About the personal information of the minor

In us, I plan protection like adult about the information of the minor who collected it. But there is a case to have the agreement of the protector if necessary when I arrive towards under 16 years old.

7. About person himself confirmation

When I meet a demand of disclosure / correction / the deletion of the personal information of user data in Hyper Guitars, I confirm that it is the person himself by a telephone and an email, other methods. There is it when it cannot identify it as the person himself or when it is remarkably doubtful to be the person himself when I cannot accept a demand.
When they used it, we do not take responsibility to obtain the information that can distinguish a individual besides the person himself.

8. Cookie Policy

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